What are the Closing Costs?
1. Insurance application fee, if applicable, is $165
2. Insurance premium tax, if applicable, of 8%
3. Legal fees
4. Property tax adjustment
5. Appraisal fee, if applicable
6. Mortgage interest adjustment
7. Broker fees
8. Land Transfer Tax
Moving List
Here are just some of the items that need to be considered when moving residences.
1. If you are renting, provide your landlord with written notice of your moving date.
2. Transfer your account for:
Home insurance
3. Provide the post office with your change of address.
4. Update your address for:
Driver's license
Credit card companies
Work place
Investment companies
5. Transfer/change the address of your children's school.
6. Book moving truck.
7. Book elevators for existing and new property (if appropriate).
8. Ask new landlord, or selling agent, for location of main utility services and security monitoring information.
9. Arrange for final utility meter readings, for both existing and new property.
Remember to arrange a gathering for your new neighbours!